Why are Options important?

It is never too early to consider your future, indeed, your options later may well be affected by the decisions that you make now. For example, if you aspire to complete a university course, then your entry will depend upon the right choices at GCSE and Sixth Form. The same is true of college and apprenticeship courses, which also have the ability to lead students on into level 5 (degree level) study.

There is no such thing as the best pathway, but you must choose the best pathway for you; Gather as much advice as you can and consider all options based on the best advice, information and reflection.

Options Information

Students have further optional choices at the start of Year 10. They are allowed to choose either two or three more options (each having two periods a week) from a wide choice that is available from each of the faculty areas. Each student’s options will be carefully considered and personalised wherever possible.

Some students will take fewer than the normal two options; this will be recommended by staff on the basis of a student’s particular needs. A small number of selected students may follow alternative curriculum programmes which may be available.

All option choices are subject to Head of Faculty approval, timetable and staffing, and financial constraints and we will inform parents and students if there are problems with any options choices.

Year 9 GCSE Options Evening, 12th January 2023.

Y9 Options Letter

KS4 Options Booklet Jan 2023

KS4 Options Evening Leaflet 12th Jan 2023

FAQ Year 9 Options

Department for Education EBacc Leaflet

CIEAG Entitlement Leaflet

Sept 2022 CIEAG News

CEIAG Sept 2022

Key Stage 4 Options Course Resources

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Key Stage 5 Options Course Resources

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Where can I get help in school?

  • Ms Carr and Mr Jones provides impartial advice to students and parents
  • School Staff and Mentors
  • School Digital Resources in the Careers IAG Advice area of the website
  • The Careers Library based in the LRC

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