Admissions in Year 7 to 11

Admissions to Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School for students in Years 7 to 11 are decided by Derbyshire Local Authority.

Apply for a school place – admission criteria and procedures
Telephone Derbyshire County Council: 01629 533190 – questions or concerns

If you are applying for a school place and you live outside Derbyshire (e.g. Sheffield), then you will need to apply via your own local authority (e.g. Sheffield City Council) who will then liaise with Derbyshire County Council. This is the case for normal applications for secondary school at the start of Year 7 as well as applications to change school at any other time.

Please see below a summary of what parents / carers need to know:

  • Parents have a legal right to express a preference for which school they want their child to attend. This is not the same as being able to choose but means that if a parent expresses a preference for a particular school and there are places available then a place should be offered at that school. However, in law, there is no automatic right to place a child in any particular school and it may not be possible to offer a place at a preferred school.
  • When applying for a secondary school place you must apply through the council covering the area in which you live, which may not be the same as where the school is.
  • If all school places are allocated and consequently the local authority informs you the school is full, then parents/carers can still appeal against that decision to an independent appeals panel. The decision of the independent appeals panel is binding on the local authority, the school and parents/carers. Please see the Derbyshire County Council website for further information.

More details can be found on our Admissions Policy

Admissions to Sixth Form

Our expected entry requirements for AS/A Level are 5 x 9-5 GCSE grades including maths and English plus subject specific requirements. If you wish to study some subjects you will need to gain a grade 6 in the subject at GCSE Level. Some may ask for a grade 7.

For further information please see entry requirements for each subject in the course booklet.

Sixth Form Admissions

Year 6 into Year 7 Transition

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