Professional Learning


We believe that:

  • Valued and motivated employees of the highest quality are essential if we are to enhance learning and raise student achievement
  • Effective recruitment, retention and professional learning are to be given high priority within the school
  • All staff are entitled to professional learning and should have equal access to training
  • PL should be an integral part of our appraisal process
  • With the support of their team leader, all staff should take responsibility for developing their own skills, knowledge and expertise
  • All staff should develop the skills to advise, support and develop other colleagues
  • Quality professional learning can improve team effectiveness, increase job satisfaction and prepare staff for career progression

Opportunities for Professional Learning:

It is widely recognised that staff value most the training they receive from other teachers or support staff working in the same, or a similar role. ‘Principles in Practice‘ is an essential part of on-going training within the school, therefore informal training needs to be as highly valued as formal accreditation or training organised by external providers. A wide range of training opportunities are available to staff:

  • Developmental meetings with appraisers
  • Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs)
  • Induction programmes
  • Team teaching / buddying / peer coaching / peer mentoring
  • Associate ‘shadowing’ posts
  • Mentoring
  • Observation and feedback including the use of video where appropriate
  • Visits to other schools
  • Visits to other countries where appropriate
  • Team meetings
  • Performance Management / review meetings
  • Network meetings e.g. LA
  • Exams moderation or training meetings
  • Development groups in the school
  • Support from Leading teachers and Advanced Skills teachers
  • Accredited / certificated courses / fellowships (e.g. UFA)
  • Internal training events
  • External training events
  • Exam board meetings / standardisation meetings

Principles in Practice

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