Success with Care’ does not just focus on the academic side of studies but with a key focus on the student as a whole. At DHFS we aim to promote a positive wellbeing in both a universal and personalised approach. The directory of self help below allows further support and guidance on key topics, which may support our young people and their families.

Further Information

Wellbeing – “Anger Management”
Wellbeing – “Anti-Bullying”
Wellbeing – “Bereavement”
Wellbeing – “Child Abuse / Abuse”

Wellbeing – “Extremism / Radicalisation / Hate Crime”

Wellbeing – “Gambling Support”
Wellbeing – “LGBTQ+”

Wellbeing – “Online Safety”

Wellbeing – “Relationships”

Wellbeing – “Self Harm”

Wellbeing – “Vaping Dangers”
Wellbeing – “Young Carers”

Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School – PSHE Education (dhfs.uk)

Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School – School Policies (dhfs.uk)


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