E-Learning Centre

The E-Learning Centre (ELC) was established in September 2004 with the purpose of addressing teaching and learning when the normal class teacher is absent. The quality of the learning experience of the pupils was the prime concern for the ELC being established.

Lesson Cover in the ELC

The ELC provides a valuable resource to cover for teachers absent from school because of short term illness, educational visits, field trips, oral and practical examinations and PL activities.

All lessons are prepared by the absent teacher. Students are given well focused lessons that fit in with their current curriculum activities. Students experience a wide variety of tasks in most subject areas ranging from independent research, on screen tuition from subject related software packages, essays, question and answer activities and revision programmes. All students are encouraged to produce work to their own individual ability.

Where is the ELC?

The ELC is situated in A block at the bottom of the school. It is run by Mrs. J Mackey, ELC Manager and two Teaching Assistants, Mrs. M Kelly and Mrs A Poulson.

ELC Opening Times and Usage

The ELC is also open every lunchtime to students between 12:30pm and 1:15pm for school related work – for example, to type up coursework or homework or to do research on the Internet relevant to work they are doing in class.

Feedback is given to all individual teachers on student behaviour, effort, difficulties encountered by pupils, support given and the suitability of the tasks.

A lunchtime catch-up system operates for students that produce work below their capabilities and a lunchtime detention system operates for students who misbehave or disrupt the learning of other students. This encourages good work/behaviour in ELC which benefits all students

ELC History

Miss Spaven designed and made the memorial window in the original 1867 Fanshawe building previously an assembly hall, now used as the E-Learning Centre.

The window shows St. George with the words “In honour of the old boys of this school who gave their lives in the Great War”.

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