Online Safety Advice For Staff

For internet advice, help or to make a report, visit CEOP’s online safety centre.

Learn about online safety when gaming, or using blogs, chat, P2P and mobiles.

Get help with technologies and issues that children come across online.

Tips for keeping yourself safe

As well as having the responsibility for the safety and well-being of students in our care, we also have to make sure that we are fully aware of Internet safety issues, and that we are taking appropriate measures to keep ourselves and our families safe


Do not leave computers logged in when you are away from your desk, and make sure that your passwords are sufficiently strong and kept private.


Make sure that you report any incidents to your line manager or member of SLT in a timely manner.

Privacy Matters

Make sure that your privacy settings are set to ‘Friends Only’ on social networking websites, and remember that friends of friends may be able to see content that you post via their profiles. Consider carefully the implications of befriending parents of students.

Online Reputation

Think about the information that you make available online. Do not post anything publicly that you would not want colleagues, parents or pupils to see.

Stay safe on the move

Don’t forget about mobile devices. Smartphone apps for social networking sites are increasingly popular, but do make sure that these respect your privacy settings.

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