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As a Derbyshire Healthy School, we encourage all our students to walk or cycle to school where this is possible.

Walking to and from school

If students prefer to walk to school in boots rather than their school shoes, lockers are available to hire so that students can change their footwear upon arrival. In circumstances of extreme weather (snow or flooding), students are allowed to wear boots or Wellingtons. Trainers are not permissible in any circumstances except if for a genuine medical reason supported by a letter.

Cycling to and from school

We encourage our students to cycle to and from school. Parents should ensure their child is a safe cyclist, has passed the “Cycle Proficiency Test” or similar, and has rehearsed the route to school. Parents should ensure that cycles are road-worthy (fully operational breaks) and their child is wearing an appropriate cycle helmet. Bike-parks where students can lock their bikes are located outside the Sports Hall Entrance and in the Memorial Garden in A-block. Unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility for any damage to cycles, nor do we accept any liability for any damage that may be caused by a student’s cycle.

Bus travel to and from school

There are several contract and public buses that serve the school. Those students that live more than three miles from school as measured by Derbyshire County Council will receive a free bus pass – parents and carers must apply for these. The pass is only valid for the named route and must be shown to the driver when getting onto the bus before every journey. If a student lives less than three miles from DHFS then they may still catch a service bus, but will have to pay the usual fare. Contract buses are available to DHFS students exclusively, whereas service buses may also be accessed by the public. The County Public Transport Unit will advise all families of necessary details.

Public Transport Unit telephone number: 01629 580000 ext. 6739 or 6740

Poor behaviour on school buses can bring the reputation of the school into disrepute and can endanger the health and safety of other passengers and road users. Consequently, any reports of poor behaviour will be acted upon promptly and students may find they are banned from using school buses and are excluded from school. Please report any poor behaviour on school buses to main school reception without delay.

Service 16 (Stagecoach)

Dropped-off / picked-up by car

Parents/carers are not permitted onto the school site to pick up their child from school by car unless he/she has a mobility problem. If this is the only option please drop off and pick up either at the railway turning circle or by Greendale Shopping Area. Children may then walk the short distance to school crossing by the ‘Pelican’ Crossing on Green Lane, or the Zebra Crossing on Chesterfield Road.

Only students with a mobility problem are allowed to be brought into school by car. If this is the case, please contact your appropriate House Support Manager with the details and your registration number(s), the “Drop-off” point is by the door to F Block. On no account should any vehicles stop by Reception – this stops school buses entering the site and is very dangerous.

After school activities or detentions

When a student is participating in activities that finish later than usual, or when a child is placed in an after-school detention (24 hours written notice is always given) it is the parent or carers responsibility to organise transport home from school. School staff will endeavour to advise accurate finish times, but for such events as sports fixtures away from home there may be delays.

Behaviour to and from school

All students are representing the school and their families when travelling to and from school. We expect everyone to behave politely and sensibly at all times. Any instance of poor behaviour will be dealt with as they would be in school.

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