Latest Successes – Y10 Enrichment Day 17th March 2022

Big Idea – Life Beyond School

Students had sessions throughout the day on:

  • First Aid
  • Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence
  • Modern Day Slavery
  • Keeping Data Safe
  • Personal Finance and Budgeting

During the first aid sessions students learnt the vital importance of first aid as a lifesaving skill. They learnt how to perform first aid, including CPR, the use of defibrillators, about choking and basic treatment for common injuries. They also learnt how to put someone in the recovery position and when to contact emergency services.

Discussions took place to define the term honour, dishonour and forced marriage. Students were able to explore honour-based violence and the different forms it can take and the best way to tackle honour based violence and promote the equality of women in society.

Students had talks and discussion about modern day slavery. They examined human trafficking to the UK and evaluated the government response. Discussions took place about the best way to tackle modern day slavery in the UK and abroad.

Students also learnt how to keep personal data safe and about personal finance and budgeting.

Below are a few photos from the day:

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