Latest Successes – The Two Princesses – School Pantomime, December 2021

The story follows on from our last panto, the Princess and the Dragon – only a couple of years have passed.

The panto begins, once again, with a team of performers and puppets reminding the audience about what happened ‘previously’ in the other two pantos. This is interrupted by Princess Cindy who has now decided to have a complete change in personality and be ‘cool’- which means she is now horrible to everyone! Her Magic Mirror informs her that Snow White, who lives deep in the forest is ‘cooler’ than her! Cindy is outraged and tells a Guard to chop off Snow White’s head… Snow White sings a romantic song with Sam the Woodcutter. The Guard shows up but is chased away by the Seven Dwarfs- hooray! Princess Cindy turns herself into an Old Pedlar Woman and poisons poor Snow White with a magical apple- Snow White falls into an enchanted sleep- oh no! Sam and some of the Dwarfs go off on an adventure to ‘The very scary wood that nobody ever comes back from…’ to find the Queen of the Witches- who has an antidote for Cindy’s evil potion. To help them on this dangerous quest, they must find the ‘old heroes’- Daisy the Cow, Wolfie the Scaredy Wolf and Gingey the Gingerbread Man. Will the goodies save the day? Will Snow White be saved?

The audience were willing to participate in the usual fun and panto madness! 🙂

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