Latest Successes – Easter Charity Gig 6th April 2022

This years Easter Gig was nothing short of a success. As the organiser, I was delighted to have received such a vast amount of interest from all year groups. The talent displayed on the night was fantastic and I can’t thank everyone enough for participating. It really shows how much talent we have, not only as a school, but as a community. I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who performed on the evening, and a huge thank you to Mr. Walters and the rest of the Music department for their continued support throughout the evening. Along with the success from the gig itself, we , as a school, managed to raise an incredible £235 pounds to go to the charity Unicef. This is an amazing achievement and we are all so grateful for the opportunities this school provides us.

Joshua Williams, Year 12 Student

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