Latest Success – Year 9 ‘Fakeaway’ Lesson

Year 9 have been working with food staff to develop future learning in the school. Together we looked at the changing nature of food and how the UK has developed into an obesogenic society – processed and fast food is available cheaply in large quantities for lots of people. Many of these meals are popular with our students and we want to show them that it is possible to create fresher, more nutritious and appealing products that they can replicate at home. The idea of the ‘fakeaway’ is taking root on food social media sites and in many recipe books. Students developed healthier alternatives to sweet and sour pork, McDonalds Big Mac meal, a takeaway doner kebab, and fast food taco shells. They used their knowledge and skills to produce excellent food and after tasting they were convinced that their creations definitely measured up to any take out! Well done Year 9.

Mr Thompson and the food team

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