Y9 Coriolanus

Dear Parent/Carer,  

This year, all Y9 students will be studying The Tragedy of Coriolanus by Shakespeare. As part of our study of the play it is usual for us to use film productions as it helps to bring the text to life and allows students to visualise the action more effectively. There is an excellent film production of the play from 2011 set in modern times with images of warfare; the age rating of the film is 15 as the film incorporates some violent scenes.  

We would like consent to show this film and therefore would be grateful if you could check the YES or NO box on Class Charts to indicate whether you do or do not consent. Students without consent will not be allowed to watch the film, and alternative arrangements will be made for them to read the play in another room whilst this is being shown to the class. Please complete this form no later than Friday 10th November.   

Please contact me if you would like any further information.  

Yours sincerely,

Mr Husband

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