Strike Action Information – 5th July & 7th July 2023

Please see the below letter, which confirms details regarding strike action on Wednesday 5th July and Friday 7th July.

Please click here for Priority School bookings for 5th and 7th July. Please note bookings need to be made by 4pm on July 3rd.

Year 12 students should attend on site for both days.

For students in years 7 – 10, learning will be undertaken remotely in a very similar way to what happened on previous strike days. This video explains what to do:

Live lessons or emailed activities
If you have not been sent a live lesson invite or any learning activities by email, then you should assume that your teacher is on strike. You should continue to check for live lesson links and emails for all five lessons on the strike day. If you do not have a live lesson or emailed activities from your teacher, then there are five alternative curriculum lessons via the link below.
Alternative Curriculum Content

What if I have no live lesson or emailed activities from my teacher?
a) Either undertake revision using the revision techniques video
One of the lessons is a short video (link below) explaining seven effective strategies for revising and preparing for tests, assessments or exams, regardless of the year you are in. You can spend one or more periods watching this short video clip (10 minutes) and applying one or more of these strategies to revision of a subject or topic of your choice. Revision and exam preparation is particularly important for Y11, Y12 and Y13 students undertaking final examinations in the near future.  However Y7-10 students also have KS3 assessments or Y10 trial exams coming up in the next few weeks. 

Or alternative curriculum content
b) You will also find four other sessions (link above) focussing on a range of important SMSC topics. We know students didn’t access all of these lessons on the previous strike day, so please access whichever lessons you have not tackled. You should choose the ones you feel you most need to work on and complete them in your own priority order, only where you do not have live lessons or other emailed specific work. We recommend your parent and carer looks at these resources to ensure that they are comfortable with you engaging with these themes, particularly if younger siblings are at home.

School Microsoft Accounts
From 1st March onwards, we require students to use their school Microsoft accounts for live lessons. You will no longer be able to access these as guests from any other account. We recommend that you check that you can access their school Microsoft account and email from home, in advance of the day, so that you do not have issues getting into live lessons.

Technical problems: If there are any technical difficulties, please email:

Changing passwords: If you are having problems remembering your password, please use this link at least 30 minutes before your first live lesson: DHFS Remote Apps (

Deleting old recurring live lessons in calendars
We also recommend that you delete any old live lesson events in their Microsoft Teams calendar (e.g. from last year) so that you do not get confused with the new live lessons.

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